Some articles I’ve written:

He Reads Truth
“A Living Hope”
“The Reality of the Risen Jesus”
“The Death of Jesus”
“The Plot to Kill Jesus”
“The Coming of the Son of Man”
“The Authority of Jesus Challenged”

⊕ “Can I Trust That God Is Good?”
⊕ “The Jesus We Need to Know”
⊕ “Have We Missed the Gospel at Christmas?”
⊕ “So You Want to Start a Young Adult Ministry”
⊕ “The Wide Road to Divorce”
⊕ “The Biggest Financial Mistake”
⊕ “Christmas Changes Everything”
⊕ “Upside-Down Leadership”
⊕ “God’s Perfect Plan for Your Life”
⊕ “What Matters Most in Our Politics”

Facts & Trends
⊕ “The Song of the Redeemed: A Conversation with Keith Getty”

The Gospel Coalition
⊕ “Broken Vows, Broken World”

⊕ “Divorce and the Goodness of God”

In Touch Magazine
⊕ “Goodness in the Gift”
⊕ “The Life and Death of the Proverbs 31 Woman” (with Laurin Greco)
⊕ “Ending on a Low Note”
⊕ “The Other Resurrection”
⊕ “Love’s Demolition”
⊕ “Sound Across the Sea”
⊕ “When Jesus Invites Himself Over”
⊕ “God’s Other Gift to the World”
⊕ “Blessings of the Once and Future Kingdom”
⊕ “A Different View of the Beatitudes”
⊕ “The Strength to Finish”
⊕ “Wired for Community”
⊕ “Am I Missing Out?”
⊕ “When We Forget Who We Are”


⊕ “The Mystery of the Manger”

“Here’s How You Can Actually Change Your Workplace’s Culture”
⊕ “Rocking the Safety Dance”

Single Matters
“Four Secrets to Financial Success and the One Reason They Matter”
⊕ “Is It Unholy to Want God’s Blessings Now?”


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