Some articles and devotionals I’ve written:

He Reads Truth
Because He Lives: An Easter Study
Day 11: “Our Savior Is Handed Over”
Day 1: “Our Need for Home”

Job: Suffering and the God Who Speaks
Day 26: “The Restoration of Job”
Day 1: “The Setting of the Test”

1 & 2 Peter: Our Living Hope
Day 19: “To Him Be the Glory”
Day 3: “A Holy People”
Day 1: “A Living Hope”

Luke: The Good News
Day 33: “The Reality of the Risen Jesus”
Day 32: “The Death of Jesus”
Day 31: “The Plot to Kill Jesus”
Day 30: “The Coming of the Son of Man”
Day 29: “The Authority of Jesus Challenged”

⊕ “We Were Never Meant to Die”
⊕ “Can I Trust That God Is Good?”

⊕ “The Jesus We Need to Know”
⊕ “Have We Missed the Gospel at Christmas?”
⊕ “So You Want to Start a Young Adult Ministry”
⊕ “The Wide Road to Divorce”
⊕ “The Biggest Financial Mistake”
⊕ “Christmas Changes Everything”
⊕ “Upside-Down Leadership”
⊕ “God’s Perfect Plan for Your Life”
⊕ “What Matters Most in Our Politics”

Facts & Trends
⊕ “The Song of the Redeemed: A Conversation with Keith Getty”

The Gospel Coalition
⊕ “Broken Vows, Broken World”

⊕ “Divorce and the Goodness of God”

In Touch Magazine
⊕ “Goodness in the Gift”
⊕ “The Life and Death of the Proverbs 31 Woman” (with Laurin Greco)
⊕ “Ending on a Low Note”
⊕ “The Other Resurrection”
⊕ “Love’s Demolition”
⊕ “Sound Across the Sea”
⊕ “When Jesus Invites Himself Over”
⊕ “God’s Other Gift to the World”
⊕ “Blessings of the Once and Future Kingdom”
⊕ “A Different View of the Beatitudes”
⊕ “The Strength to Finish”
⊕ “Wired for Community”
⊕ “Am I Missing Out?”
⊕ “When We Forget Who We Are”

Our Daily Bread
“Why This World’s Pain Won’t Last Forever”

“Here’s How You Can Actually Change Your Workplace’s Culture”
“The Forgotten Element of Romance”
⊕ “Rocking the Safety Dance”

Single Matters
“Four Secrets to Financial Success and the One Reason They Matter”
⊕ “Is It Unholy to Want God’s Blessings Now?”


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